René Moser

As a System Engineer I use computers and write software for fun and profit. In my spare time, I participate in the Open-Source Software community. I am solution-oriented and pragmatic, I like simple things that work and scale.

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O'Reilly's Ansible: Up and Running

As a co-author for the second edition of O'Reilly's Ansible: Up and Running, I wrote new chapter about network devices, Ansible Tower and Windows among other updates and additions. The second edition of the book was published on August 2017.

Open Source Projects


I wrote git-ftp, a tool to manage content on FTP versioned in a git repo. It is included in various Linux Distributions, such as Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora.


Scalr is a Cloud independend auto scaling software. It allows to scale Cloud instances based on policy checks in a configurable interval.


Chaotic is a fault injection solution for various Clouds. Depending on the Cloud used, it may kill allocations, reboot or stop/start virtual machines.

cloudscale cli and python sdk

The official command line interface client and Python SDK.


I authored and maintain various Ansible Collections, some are included in Ansible Community Package:

Ansible Roles, such as:

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Apache Software Foundation (ASF): CloudStack

As a Apache Committer and PMC, I contributed a few patches for issues discovered running Apache CloudStack in production and actively maintaining the official Ansible CloudStack integration.

Linux User Group Bern

I am a member of the local Linux User Group Bern, Switzerland.