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Decoupling Ansible Handlers

Since version Ansible 2.2, so quite a while, there is another way to notify a handler or a couple of handlers or no handlers. No handlers? Right, this sound a bit funny, doesn’t it? Well, it is a bit comparable with talking to kids, if no one is listen, no one will react :). Notifying Handlers Before 2.2, there was only one way to notify a handler, by notifying the name of the handler:

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Manage Exoscale DNS with Ansible

Introduction In the following post, I will show you how to use Ansible to configure your DNS records on Exoscale, a Swiss Public Cloud provider. Exoscale offers a DNS service with an affordable pricing with features like geo replication, anycast support and an API. The Ansible modules we are going to use later and I created, exo_dns_domain and exo_dns_record are included in Ansible since version 2.2.0 (see the offical docs).

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Crowdfunding Ansible CloudStack Modules

Update 2016-01-09: Mew module: cs_resourcelimits Update 2016-01-03: New modules Not yet open sourced, but fully integration tested and idempotency aware: cs_zone - Create, update and remove zones. cs_pod - Create, update and remove pods. cs_cluster - Create, update and remove clusters. cs_instance_facts - Gathering facts of an instance from the API. cs_configuration - Manages global, zone, account, storage and cluster configurations. Integration tests tasks: 515

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